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Decade 1980’s

A series of related incidents on PA and CCP-NPA struggled in Tukuran during this era. Some people fled to escape from the tension between the two forces but others remained. Unlike the decade 70’s, were most of the town people evacuated, in the decade 80’s most of the barangay people fled or seek refuge in concentration camps and schools to protect themselves from the crossfire.

The Decade of CPP-NPA

On November 13, 1979, a group of armed men shot three farmers in Brgy. Navalan, Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur. PC believed that the victim belonged to the NPA’s. The motive of the killing was unknown.[1]

A successive hold-ups on May 20 and June 11 of 1980 along the national highway in Brgy. Baclay. Cash, jewelries, and personal belongings were robbed. Civilians suspected that is was all done by the communist.This resulted to the death of eleven terrorists, two PA and two civilians. In effect, a peace dialogue was held in the Municipality of Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur on July 16, Wednesday to forestall further hold-ups. Mayor Antolin Ceniza of Aurora believed positive solutions like peace talks was necessary or curtail further hold-ups for the traveling public. Moreover, during the dialogue, Father Aodh Ohalpin of Tukuran Parish church, surfaced complaints against military abuses. He was advised to identify the erring soldiers, as not all persons in uniform are government military units.[2]In response to this, the municipal authorities of the town conducted intensifying information caravan to the barangay. Pacifico Cabrido, the municipal recorder said that this was the only way to counteract the bad elements in some remote places. The mayor, Prudencio Calletor was appealing to the barangay people not to believe the false rally of the new society CCP-NPA. Laperian, Manlayag, and Tabuan were places where the mayor had appealed.[3]

But the situation had become more intensified on September 21, 1980. A dialogue was held. Fourteen out of the twenty-seven barangays sent representatives which included woman and children. Nine hundred nineteen barangay residents ventilated their demands in the municipal hall. They arrived at the vice-mayor’s residence to ask for permit since the mayor was out of town. People were asked whom their leaders were, the crowd answered in chorus that they were all leaders. Their speaker Primitivo Rule of Brgy. Man-ilan read a manifesto and cited military abuse in the town. Maximo Lambayan of Brgy. Sto. Rosario demanded that forestall land be released on the tillers.[4]

Another dialogue was held on Oct.3, 1980 in TCS with military and local officials. Most of the problems ventilated were land and military abuses. This was on connection with the Sept.21 demonstration. Brgy. Capt. Bonifacio Dominisac of Sto. Rosario said soldiers mounted his son. Brgy.Capt. Ambrocio Rule of Man-ilan said army personnel asked for chicken from his people. Brgy.Capt. Felipe Baltonado of Tabuan said his signature was forged in a payroll involving ghost road projects and the same was the case of Brgy.Capt. Fernando Jumamoy of Sugod. So the Vice-Governor Raymundo Jose ordered an investigation. Brgy.Capt. Macario Dias of Tinotongan was jailed for allegedly causing a bush fire, which he denied. Brgy.Capt. Rosalio Campo did not want to be part of the newly created, Don Mariano Marcos municipality (Ramon Magsaysay) and Brgy.Capt. Leon Vidad of Baclay asked petition for the release of land occupied by his people since 1935. There were some Barangay captains who were present but did not air their problems.[5]But the movement of the CPP-NPA became more stronger.

Philippine Army in Tukuran conducted a search and operation. Modisto Cepeda of 30th IB, 4ID was seriously injured on July 6, 1980 during a search and seizure operation in Brgy. Sto. Rosario. He was hit I the right breast with six soldiers in companion while in operation. Seven armed men in ambush position fired them and terrorists fled away. The operation was intended to “purify” the area from bad elements. The operation covers Pagadian City, Labangan and Tukuran. It must be noted that Pagadian City and Tukuran were sites of fire and grenade throwing and a series of ambuscades in the province.[6]

The situation became more intenseduring the election day of June 1982. Six NPA were killed when they ambushed a team of PA soldiers in Brgy. Laperian. Cpl. Trespices was killed on the PA side and three others were wounded. They were ambushed by about 50 men at 2 p.m. PA was responding to a call for help from Brgy. Laperian where NPAs were harassing electors and confiscating some ballot boxes. The slain NPAs were in PC-INP uniform with nameplates and serial numbers, led by Commander Skylab, Commander Rodriguez, and Commander Susing. 2nd Lt. Maradjul Karain team leader said if not of the timely reinforcement they could have been wiped out. Meanwhile, reports said that several barangay of Zamboanga del Sur were being harassed on Election Day. Several leaflets and Propaganda materials urging for the boycott of election were distributed by subversive elements.[7] The Tukuranon were very much affected by the NPA movement. Even after the change of administration they continued to be the problem of the appointed and elected mayor. This mid-1980’s the CPP-NPA was on its height influence to the Tukuranon on the business sector, and had affected much on the socio-cultural activities of the people. Many public programs and even social gatherings were not given permit or not held because people were afraid of the NPA.

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