Friday, November 23, 2007


1.Futher research is recommended on the History of Tukuran as a municipality and its impact and contribution to the development of the Province of Zamboanga Del Sur.

2.A study on the neighboring municipality of Tukuran and its input to the barangays is highly recommended .For this study could help in tracking the development of the province of the place.

3.A more extensive research is highly favorable to the town for this could help future historians in understanding the history of the municipality.

4.The local government unit of Tukuran should encourage and give incentives to any person of Authority to conduct more studies about the town. For it will boast the morale of the people regarding the historical significance of their place and consequently, encourage local and foreign tourist to visit Tukuran, thereby boasting the tourism industry of the place and the country as well.

5.More studies not only on Tukuran but also on other municipalities of Mindanao are ought to be done for this will surely substantiate the present historical findings of historians.

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