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The town is situated in an Isthmus of Zamboanga on its Southern part. The original inhabitants of Tukuran were the Iranun on the seacoast while Subanons on the interior part. The people’s means of livelihood is mainly on fishing and farming.

Tukuran has contributed to Zamboanga del Sur’s history. It has a beauty of her own, especially the beaches where the Tukuranons take pride in inviting visitors to come. The place is slowly finding its own place in the historical and tourist spots in the country hence, the researchers would like to reconstruct the history of the municipality of Tukuran, Zamboanga, del Sur.

Significance of the Study

The researchers hope that through this study, the people of Tukuran would know more about their town and be aware of the significant events that had occurred in their place through the years.

Furthermore, this study provides the readers some basic information about the kind of life Christian pioneer settlers of Tukuran had. It may also be a useful reference material of the municipality for the improvement of Tukuran.

This study on the history of Tukuran shows to the community the significance of the local history in relation of the national history.

Scope and Limitation

This research covered the events that occurred during the years 1987 to 2001. The study particularly emphasized the important events, which had contributed to the group and development of the place. The historical background of the study covers from 1800’s to 1980’s. This study, The Preliminary History of Tukuran has a concentration on the period after the EDSA revolution. The respondents are those who witnessed the different events that happened through the years and the place, and are still residing in the town of Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur.


This historical research made use of the oral history method and ethno-linguistics in getting first hand information about the history of Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur from the1920s to 2001. The researchers also utilized records of events like these found in books, maps, souvenir programs, government journals, and other documents that are useful in accomplishing the goals of the study.

Personal interviews of key informants were also conducted. Among those interviewed are that happens in their place. People who have substantial knowledge about the history of Tukuran since they were participants or witnesses to some historical events.

Review of Related Literature

Review of several studies and surveys pertaining to this research revealed that no formal study had ever been conducted on the History of Tukuran. However, to be able to understand further the development of Tukuran, the researchers took the initiative of conducting a thorough or comprehensive assessment of: books, government journals, and other reference materials that have already been published were consulted.

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